Hop aboard and take a Slow Ride through downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi on this unique, one of a kind 14-seat pedal bar. Enjoy a leisurely ride while pedaling and sipping your favorite beverage. Take in the sights and sounds of Ocean Springs on a 2 hour cruise along city streets with your friends, clubs, office staff, sororities or bridal party. Each tour holds up to 14 people with 10 pedal stations.



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$400per group
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  • 6:00 pm
  • 8:00 pm


$400per group
  • 2:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm
  • 6:00 pm
  • 8:00 pm



Who knew you could have a BLAST on a Thursday afternoon?! Everyone must try this out. I did the pedal tavern in Nashville (which is wonderful), so Slowride had big shoes to fill and that they did! What a wonderful addition to CU! The Slowride crew was fun & friendly! I’ll be booking again! 


So. Much. Fun. You get to see the town and hang out with friends in a new way. They serve your drinks for you and can play music right from your phone’s playlist! We picked up a coworker along the way too. Great way to bond with new coworkers, catch Pokemon and work them legs! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.


Steve was a joy to work with. His staff was professional and lots of fun. The bus was decorated for the holiday season which added to the experience. I got loads of positive comments from The Urbana Park District Staff who would all highly recommend Slowride. Such a unique way to see downtown Champaign.



Slowride is designed to seat 14-passengers. “No passenger shall be allowed to ride the Pedal Bar except in the designated seating area”. With that said, we are limited to 14-passengers only.

There are 10-pedaling seats, plus 2-non-pedaling seats located over the rear axle. The rear seat will only accommodate 2, more mature passengers.

You can check availability of a particular tour date by clicking on the tabs listed on our website, or CLICK HERE to go to our BOOK A TOUR page.

Click the BOOK button, then select the route you want and locate the date you’re looking for.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Credit Card will NOT be charged until you click CHECK OUT, so check as many dates as you want!

Beverages and alcohol are NOT included. 

Alcohol may be purchased during a tour stop per District Regulations. Slow Ride cannot provide to go cups of any kind per District Regulations

The Slowride staff on each tour has the right and responsibility to restrict alcohol from any passenger that shows signs of intoxication or inappropriate behavior. We want the Slowride experience to be enjoyable for ALL involved!

You may bring water or you favorite NONALCOHOLIC beverage! Must be in a small cooler. For safety reasons we must keep the coolers small.


Any non-alcoholic beverages of choice. Ice (if needed) and must bring photo ID.

Must be in a small cooler. For safety reasons we must keep the coolers small.

We will be stopping frequently at local hot spots that will provide to go cups with purchase of drinks.

You will receive an email 3 days prior to your ride with the address of where to meet for your ride. Please check your spam/junk folders if you have not received this.

We attempt to go out in most weather conditions, so plan your clothing accordingly! If there are severe weather conditions, your driver will determine if it is safe for a tour to begin and will attempt to contact you as soon as that decision is reached. If a tour is in progress the driver will determine if the tour is safe to continue.

Local ordinance require Slow Ride Pedal Tours to follow all safety regulations that include operating in inclement weather.

If your driver decides to cancel your tour prior to the start of your tour or up to one-half hour prior to the completion of your tour, you will be allowed to reschedule your tour at a time and date that is available and convenient for your group. If your driver decides to cancel your tour within the last half-hour of the completion of your tour, your tour will NOT be rescheduled.

We will offer a rain check and reschedule your tours at your groups convenience.

No person under 18 can ride. All passengers 21 and over will be required to wear a Slow Ride wrist band.

All riders wishing to drink alcohol on board must be 21-years of age or older and must provide a valid form of ID to substantiate age. Please have your driver’s license or State form of ID ready at the beginning of the tour.

The bike seats have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and we ask that you honor this capacity to ensure your personal safety.

 No refunds will be issued for any booked tours. Any canceled tours will be issued a gift certificate for the amount already paid for the tour. This gift certificate will not contain an expiration date.

Alcohol may only be consumed in areas per city ordinances. Our routes vary day to day however, we will NOT operate outside of these guidelines.

Slowride is a pedal bar! Pedaling is an exciting, unique and fun part of the experience and the primary motive means to propel the pedal bar. We have a total of 14 seats, of which 10 are pedal seats and 4 are non-pedal seats. If your health does not permit you to pedal, these 4 non-pedal seats are for you. If you are pedaling and need a break, we can pull over and rotate your tour group to allow you to take a non-pedal seat. We can also stop at any bar along the way, to allow your group a break.

We do have supplemental electric power to allow us to assist through intersections and make emergency traffic maneuvers, if necessary. It is NOT intended to replace pedaling!

Please remember, this is a pedal bar and pedaling is the primary means to propel the bike and a major part of this unique entertainment experience! We reserve the right to stop the tour for breaks, anytime that we find that our passengers are not actively pedaling!

City licensing requirements hold us to a strict behavioral standard. Your driver will go over the rules and behavior expectations at the beginning of each tour, most of which are outlined within the Liability Waiver.


All alcohol must be served in plastic cups
Containers MUST be provided by the BUSINESS
Only ONE container per patron when leaving.
Patrons cannot enter another business that serves alcohol with ANY open container with alcohol, no matter where it was purchased.
Please, do not throw anything off of bike
Please, stay seated while bike is in motion
Please, do not grab canopy for any reason
Please, keep hands inside of bike
Please, do not use loud or abusive language to people on the bike or on the sidewalk
Please, do not play any music with profanity

Please realize that our business is very visible to the public and people of all ages witness the Slowride entertainment experience. With that said, all passengers must conduct themselves in a mature and moral manner. We want you to have a great entertainment experience, while respecting the rights of the public. Please refrain from any profane language, heckling or lewd gestures to anyone on the bike or anyone you may encounter on the street. Please provide an appropriate musical play-list with no profanity, as this music can also be heard by the public. Please respect each other!

Failure to conduct yourself in a mature manner will result in the staff stopping the tour and addressing the concern with the individual. If the action persists, the passenger responsible for the inappropriate behavior will be asked to immediately leave the bike and will be responsible to secure their own transportation. A disciplinary charge may then be charged to the credit card on record.

Slowride is a great entertainment experience and we want to continue to offer this experience to Ocean Springs for many years to come. Please help us be good neighbors and let’s have a great Slowride experience!

Dress for the weather! Layers are your friend. In the summer, leave the flip-flops in your car and wear something that secures to your feet.

Bring water! Snacks are fine too!

FOLLOW THE DRIVER’S AND SERVER’S DIRECTIONS! The directions are for your safety and public relations.

A SIGNED LIABILITY WAIVER IS REQUIRED TO RIDE ON SLOWRIDE! Just like riding on any bike, riding on Slowride can be potentially dangerous. We offer bicycle helmets for your safety. You do not have to wear one – it is up to you, however, you must notify us in the Liability Waiver that you are NOT wishing to wear a helmet.

You take responsibility for your decisions and behavior!!

Tipping is always appreciated! If you had a great time, please consider tipping the Slowride staff the customary amount of 15-20%.

If you did not, please immediately email us at info@slowridepedaltours.com and share your experience with us. We cannot improve your future Slowride experiences, without your help!

We WANT to hear from you! Please contact us at info@slowridepedaltours.com and tell us about your Slowride experience!

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